Book Review: How to Deliver a TED Talk – Jeremey Donovan

How to Deliver a TED Talk: Secrets of the World’s most inspiring presentations.

By Jeremey Donovan

How to Deliver a TED Talk

For those who love learning but haven’t discovered yet, you are set to enter a wonderful slice of paradise – go to and have your mind expanded over and over again. For those who love and also present or educate, this medium size book is a wonderful exploration into the structure and underlying formula of educator-learner engagement.

Jeremey Donovan is a self-confessed ‘public speaking super-nerd.’ This engaging read is a how-to guide for delivering an inspiring speech based on his intensive study of the popular TED talks. Jeremey covers all the regulars of giving a great talk: organising your talk, opening your talk, crafting your catchphrase, transitioning between parts of your talk, projecting emotion, adding humour, mastering your non-verbal delivery, creating inspiring slides, and using props and video effectively.

Going beyond the well-known basics Jeremey identifies less-known basics of great presentations that engage the mind of the listeners. These are clearly identified and articulated under tips such as:

  • Bring your audience through the broadest possible emotional range.
  • Encapsulate your idea worth spreading in a viral catchphrase.
  • Develop your story using the hero’s journey three-act structure.
  • Touch your audiences’ hearts and minds with premise and proof.
  • Remember that you speak in service of your audience.
  • Sow a single seed of inspiration.

Aside from being well-written and entertaining, the value in this book for myself, and I imagine most educators, is gaining those subtle presentation skills that enable us to completely grab the mind of those we work with in order to benefit them – whatever that might look like.

Review by James Ryan

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