1 hour Workshop: Neuroscience for Educators – Overview

shinning minds brainIn the last two decades there have been amazing advances in our understanding of how the brain works and educators have been very active in both conducting this research and applying it within learning and development settings.

Pathways to Resilience Trust is presenting one hour workshops to give educators an overview of how the learning from neuroscience impacts social, emotional and academic learning in the classroom.

Expected Outcomes

  • Understand the implications neuroscience has for educators, especially in the area of social and emotional learning
  • Identify a number of ‘neuro-friendly’ principles to help kids build better brains

Topics Covered

  • The amazing brain
  • The mind
  • The developing brain
  • Neuroplasticity made simple
  • The brain’s bias
  • Hand model of the brain
  • The social brain
  • Importance of the pre-frontal cortex


Face-to-face for schools: $200 per session (plus all necessary travel expenses depending on your location)

Online webinar: $15 per participant.

People gave very positive feedback re the professional development. It was rated one of the best presentations of its kind people had ever see – easy to follow, but not patronising.” – Principal, Logan School.

Sign up today

(07) 3169 2400 M: 0447 032 339



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