Online Webinars Can Benefit Everyone!

onlineAt Pathways to Resilience Trust we believe that great teachers are those who are always looking to improve and develop their teaching skills. It is important to be able provide support, training and professional development to them to help them to continually improve as teachers.

For teachers there is the frustration of trying to attend professional development programs around class schedules and personal commitments. Lack of training and support for teachers and facilitators can have a negative impact on even the best programs.

For regional, rural and remote schools it is even more frustrating for teachers. As Jo Jones Laifoo from Gordonvale State School has said “Working in regional Queensland has its benefits – beautiful scenery and great style but it can be professionally isolating.”

This is why Pathways to Resilience provides both face-to-face and online training sessions. For anyone who has never participated in an online webinar – it is an interactive online group meeting. The typical webinar lets everyone see and hear the facilitator, along with being able to view whatever is on facilitator’s screen and the facilitator can share videos and PowerPoints. People can interact through voice, video and also type responses if they don’t have access to a computer with a microphone (or are feeling shy).

All you need is a computer, Internet Connection and ideally a video camera and microphone. You don’t need to install anything special on your computer, just connect 5-10 minutes prior to a session so your computer can automatically download and run the webinar client.

The feedback from these sessions has been fantastic. Gail Barker from North Lakes State College said “As the college facilitator I have been very impressed with the organisation of the training delivery.” The Gordonvale State School’s principal committed the entire school the Fun Friends and Friends for Life programs because “…staff can access training and resources [online]…”

To learn more about our training schedule including online and face-to-face training visit our training and development page

(Anne Turnbull)

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